11 reasons why you can’t loose weight


Are you trying to manage your weight but you still can’t see results?

“Eat less, exercise more” is not always enough.

I remember my own struggle with my weight, it can be very annoying or even very stressful when you can’t reach your goals.

So let’s have a look at common reasons why you haven’t reached your dream body:

  1.  You eat take away food often.

Yes, I know you are busy and who doesn’t love to go to the restaurant right? But eating take away food too often can be what’s stopping you from reaching your dream body, and it is not very beneficial for your health as well. You never know what ingredients the restaurant uses to prepare their food. They can use cheap poor quality ingredients and unhealthy vegetable oils. Also, the portions can be huge with high amount of oil, butter, sugar, salt or other additives. So try to prepare your meals by yourself as often as possible. Keep it simple and be prepared to avoid buying unhealthy fast food when you are hungry. Enjoy the dining out once or twice per week.

  1. You sit down all day.

Are you sitting on your ass all day? If you are sitting behind your desk all day and not moving enough, your body wouldn’t like that. Even if you are busy, try to move as much as possible. Go for a walk during lunch time, take stairs instead of the elevator, and do simple stretching every hour and grab a glass of water. You will feel much better and your body will love it I promise!

  1. You eat well, but too much.

Do you eat well but still can’t lose weight? Unfortunately, portion size still matters. Don’t push yourself to eat a big snack even if you aren’t hungry, just because it’s written in a magazine. When you are having a meal, enjoy every bite and stop eating when you have enough. Do not overeat. Listen to your body, it knows what is best for you.
Also be mindful with healthy treats such as dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate and enjoy them in moderation. Treat is still treat.

  1. You don’t have enough protein.

Protein will keep you full and your blood sugar level stable. So don’t forget to have your protein, even with your snack.

  1. You are scared of fats.

Don’t be! Enjoy healthy fats such as avocado, flax seed oil, oily fish, nuts and seeds in small amounts with each meal. The healthy fats are good for your brain and hormonal balance, and they lower your LDL cholesterol.

  1. You skip meals.

Do you often skip your breakfast or lunch because you are too busy? Do you usually come home hungry and quickly eat whatever you find in the fridge? Waiting too long between meals may push you to choose sugary, fatty foods that quickly cure your hunger. Regular eating will help you to keep your blood sugar level stable and manage your weight.

  1. You don’t drink enough water.

Staying hydrated is important. A lot of ladies forget to drink water during the day. Place a bottle of water on your desk and put some berries or lemon with mint in it for the extra flavor.

  1. You aren’t getting enough sleep.

Lack of sleep slows your metabolism and influences the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin. Leptin tells your brain to stop eating and ghrelin stimulates hunger. If you are tired, you are more likely to choose food high in sugar and fat. So, go to bed early and enjoy seven to eight hours shut-eye every night. You and your body deserve to have the rest.

  1. You eat when you are bored or stressed. 

Do you eat when you’re not physically hungry? Do you seek “comfort food” when you feel stressed, upset, lonely or just bored? Emotional eating is quite common but not a healthy way to deal with emotional states. Try to do something healthier instead. If you are stressed, go for a walk or have a bath instead. If you are bored, switch off your TV or computer screen and do something creative.

  1. You don’t read labels.

Food marketing can be really confusing. Processed food can be packed with unhealthy fats, hidden sugars, salt and chemicals. Especially low fat products may contain high amount of added sugars! Always ensure you read the ingredients list. If you can’t understand it, don’t buy it! An even better way is to buy whole unprocessed food which doesn’t need a label!

  1. You are dealing with hormonal condition.

Sometimes there can be a hormonal condition, such as hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome or insulin resistance, behind your weight gain. You can also feel tired, stressed and anxious or experience irregular menstrual cycle. In that case, it is best to see your doctor and get tested.


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