5 Simple Tips To Increase Your Well being


Do you feel  stressed, anxious or exhausted? Here are a couple of tips how to easy and quickly increase your well-being in few minutes.


1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Load your body with vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Instead of chocolate, ice cream or cake enjoy fruit salad full of your favourite fruits topped with plain youghurt, nuts and honey or agave sirup. Or have a big vegetable salad with plenty of dark green, yellow and red vegetable with avocado,  beans, chick peas or tuna for your lunch or dinner.


2. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water during the day, at least 2 or 3 liters. The best option is plain chilled water. For better taste simply put lemon, cucumber, mint or berries into the jar.

The man and the woman run together on a sunset on lake coast

3. Be active

Move. Go running, surfing, to the gym or your favourite yoga class. If you don’t have enough time then walk, take the stairs, do some push-ups, jumping jacks or streching. Just do something.  Right now.


4. Take a breath

A long deep breath helps you  immediately if your feel stressed, anxious or tired. You can do it anywhere, anytime. So go for it. Slowly breath in and breath out. Can you feel a relief?


 5. Treat yourself

Take care of yourself. Have a massagge, bath, nap, read your favourite book or just relax for a couple of minutes. Just clear your mind and enjoy your stress free time.

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