5 tips for healthy travels


Love airports! Love travelling! It makes me so happy! It’s always so exciting… visiting new places, meeting new people, tasting exotic food, having fun, exploring new adventures and new challenges or coming back home, meeting your loved ones, your dear family and old friends after being away for while. When you get in the plane there is always something to look forward. 

But traveling, especially long flights, can be also exhausting and tiring…  jet lag, unhealthy food, dehydration and sleep deprivation.  Believe me I know what I’m talking about. Right now I’m sitting in a plane Sydney – Honk Kong – Helsinki – Prague :).

Luckily there are some tricks how to refresh ourselves during our travels and make this long distance traveling more comfortable. 



Despite the option to order your meal ahead food in a plane is not really healthy. I would recommend you to pack your healthy snacks ahead so you can grab them if you need. Also you will avoid to make unhealthy food choices when you feel hungry or bored. Cut some veggies such a carrot, cucumber, celery and fruit such as apples or strawberries and put them into a plastic box with some raw unsalted nuts. Roasted spiced chickpeas is also great source of fiber and protein. Or have at least a couple of protein bars in your handbag just in case.
The biggest issue during a long flight can be dehydration which causes heavy headache and tiredness. Try to avoid drinking soda including fruit juices which are packed with refined sugar and other additives and choose plain water instead. Also limit your coffee and alcoholic drinks (but I guess one glass of wine or gin and tonic is fine :)).
Don’t sit on your ass all the time. Stand up, walk to the toilet or go for a glass of water. Stretch your body whenever it is possible. Don’t worry what other guys think about you (they probably sleep or watch movies) and do some easy yoga poses. It is so refreshing!
If it is possible having a good eight hours sleep just before you will go. 
Now you have a time just for yourself so enjoy it! Take the book you wanted to read, finally listen to a new album from your favorite singer or watch a new movie. Put on warm socks and relax. Or have some sleep if you can. There is nothing better than a good sleep.

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