Healthy Holiday Tips


Xmas is behind the door! It also means family celebrations and parties with amazing food and drinks! Are you stressed already? Don’t worry, as I have you covered! Let’s have a look at how to survive, enjoy a little holiday indulgence and stay healthy and fit.

  1. Make healthy choices daily.

Choose the healthiest food first. Load your plate with salads, baked or steamed veggies and then add your holiday meal. For a dessert, make a healthier version of your favorite dessert or try a new one. Raw desserts are amazing and healthy guilt free treats. When it comes to snacking, choose raw unsalted nuts, veggie sticks or fresh fruit instead of chips or candy.

  1. Enjoy your most favorite treats

Choose your treats wisely, but don’t deprive yourself. If you know that you love the particular meal or dessert, go for it and enjoy it with no guilt! Restricting your diet may be worse than allowing yourself to have your grandma’s favorite chocolate cake. Balance is key!

  1. Stay active.

Stick with your routine and exercise daily. Ask your friends and family members to do something fun and active! Instead of sitting at home, go for a walk on the beach or play football together. It’s good for your health and body and you will have a great time!

  1. Find a time for yourself.

It can be very stressful and exhausting sometimes. When you feel tired, overwhelmed or that you need some time for yourself, just put yourself first and allow yourself to rest. Sometimes, all we need is to stay home and relax. And that is completely fine.

  1. Drink alcohol in moderation.

Yep, I get it, xmas time brings plenty of opportunities for drinking alcohol on social events. Avoid having heavy hangovers and do not drink alcohol at all or do so in moderation! Stay hydrated and drink at least one glass of water before you get another drink.

  1. Prioritize.

You can’t meet everyone and be everywhere. Choose wisely who you will spend your time with. Enjoy the special time with your loved ones and do what makes you happy. After all, it’s not about the fancy food or parties, but about us and the people we love the most.

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