How to exercise regularly


Don’t wait for next Monday, next month, spring or New Year.

Start today!

First let’s have a look at benefits of being active. Why is exercise so good for you? Thanks to regular exercise you may

  • improve your overall health
  • get more energy
  • get in shape and achieve your dream body
  • sleep better
  • reduce the anxiety and mild depression
  • increase your productivity in work
  • increase your self-confidence and well-being

Sounds pretty good… right?

Choose the right exercise.

It’s very important to do what you love and what makes you happy. You don’t have to buy a gym membership if you like walking in a nature or swimming. Do you remember when you used to be a kid? The movement was joyful. It wasn’t something you have to do. It was natural. So experiment, try new things and find the best exercise for you. Have you been dreaming about salsa dancing, riding waves or rock climbing? So don’t wait any longer and go for it. Enjoy the excitement of trying and learning new skills!

After my gain weight I wanted desperately to be fit again. I wanted to learn surfing, but I was weak, with no muscles and no patience. So I bought a gym membership and went to the gym almost every day and trained hard. Of course it was beneficial for me, my body got stronger and I felt better. But I still wasn’t happy with my results and after couple weeks I quit. The real change become after I started learning surfing again. It’s not something I have to do but it makes me happy and I can’t wait to be in a water every single day. So be sure you choose the right exercise for you and follow your passion. Do what you love and real miracle will happen.

Be prepared.

Make a plan. After you chose an exercise set your goals and put it on the paper. Then break your goals into smaller and achievable weekly tasks. Think about all possible obstacles what could get into way and find solutions. Lack of time? You can wake up 20 minutes earlier and go for jogging or during watching TV you can do 15 minutes stretching every evening. Is it raining outside? Instead of walk do some squats and push ups at home. Create the possible strategies and limit the risk of failure.

It’s a long a journey. No one can run marathon without hard training. Brisk walk 30 minutes every day is a good start. Don’t overwhelm yourself and go slowly and steadily towards your goals. Enjoy every small improvement and keep going!

Take the responsibility for your body. It’s your body so take care of it. Cherish it and your body will love you back.




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