How to get rid of cellulite


Cellulite! It sounds like a disease, but it’s really not. It’s nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin. Everybody has a layer of fat for protection and body temperature regulation.

Cellulite isn’t harmful and when you have it, it doesn’t mean that you are overweight. But for a lot of women it can be an issue because of the way it looks. The skin appears bumpy, dimpled and orange-peeled because it pushes against connective tissue. And we all want to feel confident in our shorts and skirts, right?

Luckily there is a natural way how you can reduce the cellulite… So how to do it?

Yes, you really can reduce cellulite with your diet and exercise :).

Here are my tips how to bust the cellulite:

Say no to junk food.

Avoid the heavily processed food. Junk food contain a huge amount of salt, saturated fat, refined sugar and chemical additives. You don’t need them on your thighs and bottom, believe me. Avoid a high amount of salt and use herbs and spices instead. Replace saturated fats with healthy omega 3-fats such as oily fish, avocado and nuts.

Load your body with antioxidants.

Antioxidants are number one defence against free radicals, which cause damage to skin cells and may contribute to cellulite formation. Add berries, citrus fruit and veggies to your diet. Choose raw dessert with raw cacao powder instead store-bought chocolate. Put acai powder into your morning smoothie and drink vegetable and fruit juices daily to increase your antioxidants intake.

Limit toxins.

Alcohol, coffee, cigarettes… bye bye! High amount of toxins in the body can contribute to cellulite formation. If it is too difficult for you to give up all these things try to make healthy swaps. At the party drink glass of water before you will get another drink. Go green and choose green tea instead your second coffee in the afternoon.

Stay hydrated.

Of course! Drink the recommended amount of water  2 – 3 litres per day. Water helps flush the toxins out from the body. In the morning drink warm water with lemon to kickstart your metabolism. During the day add berries, orange or apples in your water for an extra flavor. Herbal teas are also perfect tool against cellulite! Dandelion tea helps reduce fluid retention and ginkgo biloba helps boost circulation. So drink it up!

Warm up your body.

Yep! In terms of cellulite the fat cells became bigger and there is poor blood circulation in the area so it is more difficult to burn fat on those parts of the body. Usually the problematic parts are thighs and bottom. So get the blood flowing. Thanks to the exercise you can easily reduce the appearance of cellulite. And of course if you are overweight losing weight can help you too.

Sauna and massage.

Sweat it out in sauna or warm up your body on massage. Both sauna and massage warm up your body, boost blood circulation and help to flush the toxins out from the body. So spoil yourself with massage or go to sauna with your friend. It helps you to relax and reduce stress too, so it’s a win win!

Skin care.

You can also reduce cellulite and improve circulation by treatments such as body scrubs. My personal tip: coconut body scrubs from Bali. I love the smell of coconut!

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