How to stay motivated to lose weight

How to stay motivated to loose weight

Would you like to be healthier and lose some excessive kilos? Don’t wait any longer and go for it. Not tomorrow, next Monday or New Year Eve! Right now is the best time to loose weight and feel amazing!

Life is short so don’t waste another minute waiting to get the body you’re dying to have, and deserve.

Being healthy is a lifestyle change, not a fad or quick diet. It’s hard to start and it’s harder to keep going and not give up before you achieve your goals. So how do you stay motivated and on the right track?

Be ready to achieve your goals and don’t let your fears and self-doubts get in your way!

Make a plan.

Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and knowing the reasons why makes it easier to overcome obstacles and helps you to stay motivated during your health journey. Set a realistic goal and break it into small and achievable weekly goals. Think it through. Put your goals on paper. Now is a good time to be creative; use pictures. photos and colors to make your own vision board.

Make it easy and enjoyable.

Remember when it comes to healthy weight loss, slow and steady wins the race! Avoid fad diets that promise quick and unrealistic results that don’t last. Choose whole unprocessed food you enjoy. Don’t force yourself to eat something you don’t like. Don’t count calories. Educate yourself. Experiment. Explore new ways to prepare healthy food, try new recipes and have a fun. Pick the right exercise for you, one you love to do and really enjoy. Think about being more active overall, not only on working out. Follow your passions and do what makes you happy.

Develop strategies to overcome the obstacles.

Life may surprise us from time to time. For example, according to your plan you should go jogging to the park but suddenly it started raining. No problem! Go to the gym or do a couple exercises at home instead. Or learn to enjoy running in the rain. Be prepared for every situation and have an easy solution.

Your life won’t stop, and meeting your family and friends at social events is an important part of your life. It can be very difficult to avoid making unhealthy food choices at parties, birthday celebrations, music festivals, barbecues or during your vacations overseas. Don’t deprive yourself. Make the best choices in that situation, but don’t isolate yourself, And remember to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Track your journey.

Keep a weight loss diary and record your food and water intake and exercise regimen. It’s a helpful tool to see your progress and improvements. Tracking your feelings and emotions (e.g. I felt really hungry, tired, bloated, happy, grounded, with a lot of energy etc.) before and after meals is a helpful tool to get know your body and what is the best for you.

Be patient and persistent, not a perfectionist.

Take it slowly, don’t overwhelm yourself. Be patient. It’s the most difficult at the beginning of your journey! If you have a feeling that you can’t do it try to relax, breath deeply and use positive affirmations.

I’m good enough.

I got this.

I can achieve anything I want.

Positive thoughts, positive vibes, positive life.

Get support from you loved ones.

Share your goals with your family members and friends to get more motivation and support from your loved ones. Find a work out buddy for double fun! Plan some athletic activities with your family. It’s great fun and good for their health too.

Reward yourself.

Spoil yourself with a body massage, new bestseller or sexy bikini for your trip in Hawaii. It’s completely up to you! Don’t forget to add smaller or bigger rewards into your plan. You deserve it!

Be proud of yourself and enjoy all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy every step. The healthy lifestyle is not a goal, it’s a journey. And remember you can achieve anything you want!

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