Why we love: Coconuts


Nuts about coconuts! Coconuts conquered the western healthy lifestyle world. They are everywhere! This amazing fruit may benefit your body, skin, hair and even soul. Let’s move to the tropical paradise for a while.

Coconuts contain significant amount of fat in form of medium chain saturated fatty acid called MCTs, in particular lauric acid which has antibacterial properties that can destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi. Unlike most trans fats MCTs are rapidly metabolized in the liver, immediately used as an energy and less likely to be stored as a fat. Recent research shown that coconut oil may help you to promote weight maintenance without raising cholesterol levels. Despite these benefits a healthier form of fat is till a fat so they should be consume in moderation. Coconuts also contain manganese, iron, phosphorus and zinc.

Coconut water, a clear, sweet and sterile liquid found in young green coconuts is cholesterol free and packed with electrolytes (sodium and potassium) so it amazing hydration for your body during summer heats or after workout.

The best option is to buy a tender green coconut in a local market or on the beach. If you don’t live in a tropical country you can buy a packaged coconut water in a store. Just check the nutrition label of the product and choose the one with no added sugar and artificial flavors.

Coconut water can be served plain or with couple ice cubes and slice of lime, leaf of mint or fresh pineapple juice in it for a different flavor. It’s also delicious in smoothies.

Coconut milk is a liquid that comes from the grated meat of mature brown coconut, has a higher saturated fat content than coconut water and is a great lactose free alternative.

Unlike many vegetable oils coconut oil is stable during high temperatures so it’s great for cooking, frying and baking. If possible try to avoid refined coconut oil and prefer “organic”, “virgin” or “extra virgin” one.

So what do you think, would you try it with coconuts? Hope you will! I just realized that I add coconut almost everywhere so here you can check out three of my favorite recipes.

Coconut oil can also serve you as a beauty product. It protects hair against damage and moisturizes your skin. I have to say that coconut oil, butter and scrub are an essential part of my daily skin care routine and I’m very satisfied with them not only for their amazing smell :).





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