Why we love: Grapefruit


The bittersweet love affair! The grapefruit!

This juicy citrus fruit is packed with health benefits and great helper when you want to manage your weight.

Eating grapefruit daily may help you to protect your heart and lower your LDL cholesterol. It is loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants which help to improve your immunity and mop up free radicals – the molecules that can harm our cells.

Grapefruit stimulates the appetite and aids the digestion. So basically it curbs the hunger. It also boosts your metabolism and stabilizes your blood sugar level. How great is that?

Thanks to the high level of vitamin C grapefruit helps you to keep your skin firm and smooth.

So enjoy your half of this fruit for you snack or breakfast or add it to your salad. Grapefruit, especially white one, is also perfect for your fruit and vegetables juices.



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