Chrysanthemum tea

I got it as a present from my friend and I simply fell in love with it.

Chrysanthemum tea has been talked about in the ancient Chinese medicinal science. It was favorite beverage of Taoists and poets. It is said to prevent aging, cool the body and clear the mind and thought the benefits are achieved only with drinking the tea every day, over a long period of time.
Let’s look at main health benefits of Chrysanthemum tea:
  • acts as a natural coolant
  • clears the liver
  • great source of Vitamin C and beta carotene
  • treats skin problems
  • enhances immune system
  • treats dizziness
  • is naturally caffeine free
  • helps with digestion issues
  • improves vision
  • soothes eyes
  • reduces high pressure
  • relaxes the nervous system
  • eases tension headache pain
So how to prepare your cup of this magic tea?
Add hot water in 6 grams of dried chrysanthemum flowers, let the mix steep for 5 minutes and drink it. Cheers!

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