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Do you wonder how it would be if you could change your lifestyle forever and do all of the amazing things you always wanted to do? Like to feel great every day, put the miniskirt or bikini on and feel confident, sexy and attractive, love your body and be proud of it, have your dream job, learn how to dance Brazil samba or rock climbing, or simply be happy and have time for yourself and your hobbies.

At some point, you’ve been held captive by poor lifestyle choices – struggling to lose weight, eating junk food too much and eating healthy too less, or not being able to force yourself to be active regularly. Maybe you are just inside of fad dieting and binge eating cycle. Maybe you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and your lack of confidence affects your daily life and your relationships. Maybe you just feel tired, exhausted and uncomfortable in your own body.

How many times have you promised yourself:

“I will start eating healthy tomorrow!”

“I will go jogging every day starting from Monday!”

“I will lose 10 kilos before summer!”

But these promises are just not working and you just wish there is a solution to your problems…

What if I say to you that everything is possible and you can reach your health and wellness goals without stressing or overwhelming yourself; that you can change your lifestyle and enjoy all of its benefits; that there is a way you can fall in love with yourself and put your health and happiness first.

So let me guide you and support you in your journey to sound health and happiness. Everyone is different, everyone has his own needs and concerns. There is no perfect diet or lifestyle plan for everyone. So together we will explore what works best for you and how you can treat your body and mind.

What if I will tell you that there is a way you can easily:

energize your body and mind with fresh wholesome food

manage your weight

improve your overall health and feel amazing

boost your immune system

support your digestion and limit bloating

improve your relationship with food

avoid sweet and fatty food cravings

overcome binge eating or overeating issues

exercise regularly and truly enjoy it

find time for yourself, let yourself rest, and pursue your hobbies and passions

fall in love with yourself and your body

So are you ready to say good bye to tiredness, excessive kilos, inactive lifestyle, poor eating choices and deprivation?

Smash through any other doubts and fears holding you back and be ready to shine bright and live your life to the fullest!

Your options on how we can work together:




During 60 minutes consultation, you will gain your unique personal diet plan based on your needs, which will be so easy for you to follow and you will enjoy every part of it. Together we will discover how healthy food can energize your body and mind, and how you can improve your immune system, support your digestion, improve your relationship with food, feel amazing without deprivation, avoid sweet and fatty food cravings, bloating and overcome binge eating or overeating.

Also, we will find a way through which you can add regular exercise into your daily life and find your stress-free zone during your busy days.


Follow up session $45

Face to face session (Sydney) or Skype sessions available!






The package contains:

1 x 60 minutes initial consultation

2 x 45 minutes follow up sessions

unlimited email support and guidance between sessions

nutrition and lifestyle tips

I’m here to guide, support and motivate you to reach your wellness and health goals and achieve physical and emotional balance. After 6 weeks of working with me, you will already be on the right track to sound health, with knowledge on how to take care of your body and mind.


Face to face session (Sydney) or Skype sessions available!






Are you not interested in coaching sessions? Get your personalized healthy diet plan now.

The plan includes:

3 suggested nutrition and lifestyle tips based on your personal needs, habits and expectations, which will  help you to change your lifestyle and start your own journey to sound health and an amazing body

sample meals plan

healthy recipes

nutrition and lifestyle tips


Simply receive your plan into your mailbox.